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Over 2000 Gift Cards Given To Date

Updated: Jun 20, 2023


Avalon LA is a shining beacon of hope in the local community, a non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to helping the homeless and vulnerable individuals to get back on their feet. With its tireless efforts, Avalon LA has already distributed over 2000 gift cards to those in need, a true testament to its unwavering commitment to making a difference. Gift Cards to grocery outlets are not the only thing we are helping with. Since the start of our organization, we have distributed hundreds of clothing items, toiletries, and donation of food catering services at health aid pop-up events. The gifts we given are much more than just material assistance; they allow for an increase in self-worth and a vital boost of morale that spurs on the individual to take that first step towards rebuilding their lives.

The list of event locations keeps growing. Avalon LA's community outreach events have been making a significant impact around the Greater Los Angeles area, and their list of pop-up locations is continually expanding. The organization has been building excellent relationships and teaming up with reputable facilities and organizations such as BAART, LINK housing, Multi-services Center, Long Beach, Nobility Health Testing in South and East Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Health Fair, to name a few. These invaluable partnerships have allowed Avalon LA to create more significant opportunities to provide interim housing and other essential services to the local community.

Avalon LA has also collaborated with reputable organizations such as Nobility Health, AADP, and Sera Collections to bring quality health services and assistance to people in need. These partnerships have enabled Avalon LA to maintain its mission to bridge the gap in healthcare and create an accessible healthcare system for all people. Thanks to its expanding partnerships and its unwavering dedication to making positive changes, Avalon LA continues to evolve.

Indeed, Avalon LA understands that everyone deserves a chance to thrive, and they work tirelessly towards this end, step by step. We invite you to help us Educate (self -growth), Empower (self-sufficiency), and Encourage (self-worth).

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