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About Us 

- Our Mission - 

 Avalon LA: Compassionate Action for an Equitable Future.' Our mission is to provide essential resources the underserved community throughout the county, by providing essential resources and quality healthcare, tirelessly championing for their basic human rights and dignity. We extend support to unhoused individuals, low-income families, and those seeking a fresh start, ensuring they have access to necessities such as monetary assistance, clothing, toiletries, and warm meals. We strive to serve as a reliable link to valuable resources such as affordable housing, transport access, and legal identification..

CommUNITY First! -

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Our Mission

Our History

Avalon LA was founded in 2020, after seeing the need in the Los Angeles county area for free COVID testing and STI testing we realized we could do more.  Avalon LA was formed to bring more reliable help to the underserved and under-resourced Angelinos. In affiliation with Nobility Health, Sera Collections to name a few we are working to bring access to adequate healthcare services and facilities to individuals, families, and vulnerable populations who need it the most.

What We Do

Avalon LA is a health service nonprofit organization providing essential resources and
quality healthcare to the most vulnerable and at-risk communities.  AvalonLA has provided health and community resource
services throughout the County of Los Angeles since 2020. Vaccinations, testing
and treatment of viruses and infections includes but not limited to are Covid-19, Mpox,
and sexually transmitted diseases.
The correlation between low income and lack of access to healthcare is compelling.
There is a huge lack of reliable and available quality healthcare, community resources,
and low or no cost health centers which has an immense impact on the health.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves access to services and care, regardless of their financial situation. By offering free community testing, Test-to-Treat Services, preventive care, daily essentials, and meal distributions, we are committed to serving our community, and we are proud to offer these services.

"CommUNITY first!"

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