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Avalon LA is a candidate for the L.A. REPAIR grant.


Vote for growth, education, and a nourished community.

Why vote for us? Because together, we can grow more than just plants – we're cultivating a community.

Our proposal? A vibrant community garden that offers more than just fresh, locally-grown produce. It’s a nurturing ground for rehabilitation, education, and growth. Imagine a place where every raised bed is a testament to community choice and empowerment, growing food that nourishes both our bodies and our connections.

From leafy greens to medicinal herbs, the crops we nurture will be chosen by YOU – the heart of our community. This garden is a statement that everyone’s voice matters, especially those historically overlooked.

Envision gatherings where ideas blossom as freely as the flowers, where learning and growth are as organic as the vegetables we cultivate. With spaces dedicated to seed starting in our greenhouse and education and community gatherings, your participation shapes our future harvests and hopes.

We will be conveniently located along a bus line and close to local schools, our garden promises accessibility and engagement for all ages.

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